It was midday and we were visiting the Heritage of Hope Children’s Home. The 100 children had gathered for their main meal of the day. I could see that they were anxious to be fed. As I watched each child line up for their portion my heart sunk as they approached the table and were each given a handful of bread morsels. That was it.  That was the meal. Yet there was no complaining as each child took his food and sat down to eat.

We have been helping them for two years now and things have improved.

On one occasion we brought new clothing and shoes for all the children.  As each child was fitted with new pants they excitedly scurried downstairs to try them on. One little boy returned back upstairs in pants that were obviously too big for him. He was beaming as he held up his new trousers with one hand. At that point we had started handing out candy and he realized he had a great dilemma. If he held up his pants his hands would not be free to pick up the candy. He had a choice to make. It was quick and simple, down went his pants and he delightedly reached for his candy.

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