Restoration Orphanage is led by a very humble man named Pastor Robert. In our initial meeting I tried to assess their present situation. As we sat in a rather dark room I asked him to turn on the light so we could see each other better. He explained that they had no money and therefore no electricity. He went on to explain that they also had no water for the same reason. When I asked if he had a car to get around he only laughed and stated that he doesn’t even have a bicycle!

As we went around the home we could see the very humble circumstances they found themselves in. As I found the clothing in a rather messy state I inquired why things were not put away. When I received blank stares in reply I realized it had never dawned on them that piles of clothing were a problem. I proceeded to hold a clothing folding workshop on the spot. We started with the biggest pile and I started folding. After a while they all joined in and soon thereafter everything was neatly put away. I explained that this was the new standard for the home and the expressed  that they were eager to maintain it in that state. I took a picture of the clothes and explained that on my next visit I wanted to see the clothing in the same shape. They were happy to agree.

An inspection of the playground found the same state of disarray. Immediately a work party was begun and before long the area looked much better. Another standard had been set. We have been supporting them for about a year and things have been getting steadily better as they have applied themselves. This is gratifying to see.

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