Many of the sights and sounds of Africa are wonderful however in the slums we find a much different, pungent smell and appearance which is often difficult for some to bear.

Wamo Children’s Home resides in the middle of the slum of Kawangware. Aside the tin shacks which constitutes their home, runs a river of raw sewage. Garbage covers the ground in every direction and there is no greenery to be seen in the district. As we walked through the narrow path toward the sleeping rooms we would jump over this sewage stream, hopping from rock to rock to avoid stepping in the slime.

As dismal as this appears and sounds, it is the effect it has on the small children that is most worrisome. They live among garbage and must smell it every waking hour. I cannot imagine how they can feel uplifted and of great individual worth as they awaken to that environment every day. We need to empty the slums. Often we encourage our homes to seek higher ground and find a spot where the air is clean and the ground is clear. Several of the homes we support are in places that cannot possibly provide a wholesome environment we desire for the children. There is much work to do.

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