As we worked in the slum of Kibera we came across a small children’s centre that was trying to help care for the street children giving them a basic education. Their problem was that the children were always hungry and would spend their time begging for food instead of coming to school. There were 23 children in this small program. Seeing a pressing need we determined to build them a feeding centre and supply them with the food they would need to nurture the children. I enlisted the help of friends in Canada, we loaded up all the needed materials in a container and headed for Kenya. We dismantled the tin shacks they were using for shelter and constructed a new facility. It had a dining hall, kitchen and store room. We had sufficient material so we also built a two room school building.

In two weeks we had the project complete and we invited the children for breakfast. For many of the children it was the first time they had ever sat at a table for a meal. There was such joy on their faces.

Attendance at the centre has gone from 23 to over 100 and the children are enjoying the chance they now have to go to school. So many orphans don’t get the chance to go to school. When an orphan finds a family that will let them sleep in their shack they are often obligated to go and beg for food or collect firewood throughout theday as payment for the spot on the ground they get to sleep. These are the children we seek out to help.

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