Champions of Africa

One of the joys of our work here in Arica is coming to know the wonderful men and women who care for these sweet children. I call them champions for that is truly what they are. In most cases they have devoted everything they have to the care of the children. They live in abject poverty and use all their time and energy to gather together the basic needs of the children. I always ask why they have taken upon themselves such a heavy load in life and there are only three answers I have ever received.

Many have seen the suffering of the children and could not bear to allow it to continue without doing whatever they could tend to their needs. Others were orphans themselves and feel it is their blessing and responsibility to save other children as they had been saved. The balance feel that it is God that has reached out to them and called them to provide for these precious souls. As we assess the motivation of these caregivers we pledge our commitment to be at their side as they reach out to these abandoned children. A day does not go by during which I am hugged, embraced, held and prayed for. I try to convey that the blessings provided actually come from God and that we are only the delivery men. They extend such deep gratitude for the support and love we try to share. They do not understand that they provide much more to us than we will ever be able to provide for the. The bonds of friendship that ensue help them overcome all the trials that the work entails.

by Paul Christensen

African orphanage