No Ball to Play

On my travels through Mozambique I came across a children’s home in a remote part of the country. The children were aged from 6 to 16. They seemed to be fairly well cared for but spent most of their time sitting around with not much to do. I noticed a basketball hoop that had been put up years ago and asked why they don’t play ball. In a sullen tone they responded that they had no ball. In a nearby village we purchased a ball and then had to search to find a pump for the ball. Having found a pump we then had to look for a needle which took a while to locate. Once all together the ball was brought to the centre. There was instantly a buzz of excitement as the boys all jumped at the chance to play. I tried to show them some moves but they move so fast they kept overtaking me for the ball. We had a great time and laughed all afternoon as we played together.